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Relieve others of pain in minutes. Learn cutting edge, life changing work-from Founder of The Rossiter System, Richard Rossiter and his Master Practitioners. Rossiter-GAME CHANGER for your family, your business, your clientele, YOU. Inherently simple, yet deep on many levels-Rossiter can be done by most anyone, on most anyone; regardless of experience or age. Seeking to be a new professional, learn for self help, or enhance what you know with prior Rossiter trainings? We help meet your goals. A dream job with Rossiter awaits. Realize your dreams. NOW. Our trainings are often described as “priceless” “a game changer” “what I have been searching for”. What are you waiting for ? CLICK HERE

Continuing Education

Many professions accept our trainings for Continuing Education Credits. Pilates Instructors, Massage Therapists, Fitness Trainers, Medical Professionals, and others can earn Continuing Education from NCBTMB. (National Certification Board of Therapeutic and Massage Bodyworkers-approved provider number 324305-00 since 2002.) Check with your respective governing board to see if you qualify. We are here for you!


Masters Digital Program

Trained in Rossiter years ago? You’re not using the work, or you’d like to be a better Coach? Step back into helping others.

Train with the Master-get more consistent, game-changing results for your clients. NOW. New to the work? I will guide you.

Hungry to learn as much as possible-even becoming a Rossiter Master yourself?  We meet you where you are.

  • Refresh Skills
  • Gain Confidence
  • Deepen Knowledge
  • What Stretches for What Issue
  • When to End a Session
  • Doing Events
  • Find Your Niche

YOUR unique needs will be met. Contact us NOW for a where to from here. Click here to Contact Us.


PainSlayer-the highest level of Rossiter training. Kick pain in the booty faster than imaginable.

Feel layers of the fascial universe unwind under your commanding foot; adeptly guide PIC’s through their body’s healing journey. 

Take those “who get it” to body freedom we all dream of, a Fascial Unwinding Dance.

Founder Richard Rossiter spellbinds you, as only a person of his genius can. Your mind will be blown, your body will feel amazing. Like. Never. Before.

Become a PainSlayer!

Rossiter Respiratory Rescue™

Breathing issues? Asthma? COPD?
Allergies. Since. Forever? Rossiter Respiratory™ is for you!

Learn this game-changing technique taught to the general public. That’s YOU.

Learn in half a day how to help most anyone breathe easier, reduce or eliminate the need for inhalers. Life. Quality. Improved. 

Take with a friend or family member. Breathe. Easy. NOW.

Distance Learning

This is about personal training.  Are you in a land far, far away? Live training inconvenient or impossible? We have a program for YOU. No prior experience. Help others and yourself. I've been doing this a LONG time.  If you are looking for amazing training, Training that will help your whole community, this may be what you're looking for.  Getting people out of pain has been my whole life.  I've seen the goofy if not bad things that have been offered to millions of people and most of it, is crap.  Yes, some things help many people, I agree, but there are times when it's stupid to offer drugs or shots or surgery to a person.  Please visit our whole site to get a better idea of how you, yes you, can help thousands of people out of pain. You just need the right tools.  I've created a set of tools that will do just that.  You have many opportunities to help people.  This is one you won't want to miss. 

Find out more about how you can learn to help others through simple, easy-to-learn techniques that will change people's lives. Some people need self-help. Some wish to help others. Let's discuss what is best for you.  If you are a natural-born helper, this may be your biggest breakthrough.