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Anyone can register for any level of membership, with no prior knowledge or experience. See if receiving the work, or learning how to do Rossiter is for you.

You already do Rossiter? Big Bang for Little Bucks is invaluable to understand the work deeper, no matter how much you think you know, nor how much experience and training you already have.

Membership + Mentorship fills your knowledge gaps.

Get the knowledge to understand why your body hurts or is stiff, and the tools to help yourself or others to obtain relief.

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  • Big Bang for Little Bucks

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Eligibility Criteria :

Anyone can sign up for any level of memberships.

Help for You

Anyone can join. It is for people needing help in reducing pain in themselves or a loved one with no financial commitment. Free, but must register to join. You give us your permission to market to you. We NEVER give your information to other entities. Ever.

Open Minded & Curious

This is for people that are open minded and curious to learn more about the work. For those interested in understanding the human body and how to make it feel better.

Big Bang for Little Bucks

For those that love the the concepts and help they are able to give others-and want more without breaking the bank.

Disclaimer :

You may renew your membership at any time. Renewals will extend for one full year from the current membership expiration date for active members. If membership has expired, renewals will receive one full year of membership from the purchase date.

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