What is the cause of a lady feeling navel pain or pull? Could it be pregnancy?


Belly Buttons are huge storage areas for connective tissue. IT’s designed to unwind as your belly grows to have a baby… OR in fat people’s cases to lengthen to help store fat.

Anyway, this creates a pulling sensation that can be triggered from anywhere in the body. because connective tissue connects EVERYTHING. So, if you've had an accident that somehow connected the place of the accident somewhere on your body to the belly button, then every time you move that area, you’ll feel the pull in your belly button, or ie a pain. Then, whenever you stretch, you may feel that pull or pain in your belly button. And ABSOLUTELY, from pregnancy, you may feel a lasting pain from the pregnancy.

Here’s how to get rid of it, dig your fingernails into the area around your belly button, like a claw, then torque the claw, with the torque in, move your body in different ways to try to recreate the pain. If you are on the correct spot when you do this, you’ll feel the pain accentuate. If you feel this after a number of tries, you’ll feel that part of your body and the pull in the belly button at the same time. Dig into the spot you ’ve found, torque the tissue (twist it), and move the area it’s connected to. For instance if’ it’s your left arm, move your arm in huge sweeping motions, away from the Belly Button. Then when done, try it without the torquing the tissue, and wide movements and see if the pain is gone. If it is gone, then it was a connective tissue issue. AND DON’T HAVE ANY SHOTS THERE, EVER! NEVER! IF what you just did, worked, then you’ve gotten a whole lot smarter about connective tissue and pain.

Richard Rossiter, Founder