What could be the cause of these pains in my left bottom rib cage area that travel to my arms? I did an ultrasound and a CT scan and the radiologist found nothing.


The one thing you will never find on a CT scan or ultrasound is something that’s wrong in the connective tissue system or fascia. You ’ve probably done something in the past that has scarred you. That pulling is the fascia. It’s too short along the lines that you are feeling the pull. I always tell people to get a bar of some kind to hang from. I use a door bar that you can get at any Walmart or Target store. Hang so that you can feel the pull in that very same area. You don't have to completely hang, only stretch. So that means with your other hand, dig into the painful area while you keep changing positions, all while hanging. It will hurt like hell but you’ll feel a difference right away.