What connects bone to muscle?


A more complex way of looking at the whole body is this. Think in terms of a pure long rope of connective tissue interrupted by cells, the cells being anything, liver cells, muscle cells, lip cells, you name it. All keeping a bit of connective tissue (fascia) between every single cell. EVERY ONE of them. Which also means all cells are connected by that very connective tissue called tendons.

Tendons are a culmination connective tissue that is thin and unseen because of the number of muscle cells that are much more predominant and colorful because of the blood in them, in the middle of the muscle. What your seeing at the end of the muscle, is where all those come threads of connective tissue come together to form the tendon. There is connective tissue throughout the muscle, not just at the ends. This tendon then spreads out over the ends of the bone and in turn, becomes ligaments and cartilage, it’s a continuum. Nothing is separate.