Migraine Solution


Migraines are STRUCTURAL, not chemical. If a barn is falling down, you don’t paint it, to help it. You figure out where the structure is failing.

People who get migraines, are holding their shoulders up, in some form or another. That means they THINK their shoulder belong somewhere they are not supposed to be. This means, simply that they have in their heads that shoulders belong somewhere else than where they were designed to be. So the first item we should address is, where are shoulders designed to be? They are designed to hang loosely on your rib cage. That means when you drop your arms, your shoulders rest easy on your rib cage.

That also means they are not PUT anywhere. There is no posture. They hang, period. If you bring them back to have “nice-looking shoulders” your dead wrong, and for some of you, that means pure hell because now you’ve elected to have a certain set of muscles always turned on. Those muscles are the muscles in your neck and now you are literally hanging your shoulders, instead of letting them rest.

That also means they have to hang from somewhere, right? Guess where they hang from? FROM YOUR HEAD! That means there are now at least twenty EXTRA pounds hanging from your head. Your head! It also means your neck is now under stress, incredible stress. Your neck and head were not designed to accommodate your idea of posture, or some trainer’s idea of posture.

Think about this, twenty pounds, whether it’s sitting on your shoulders resting or hanging even a mm above your shoulders is still 20 pounds. It means the aponeurosis, that huge band of connective tissue, that IS your head is being constantly pulled on by the weight of your arms. The only let up is when you’re lying down. I’d see stars too if I had to hold my arms up by the width of a piece of paper, only to have a headache the rest of my life. Don’t botox, no pills, no anything will stop bad ideas of what posture should be. IF you want the migraines gone then rethink what posture is. Then go find a Rossiter practitioner to get the needed stretches you must have to stop your immediate pain. Then listen to the solution. She/He will have it. Let your shoulders go, it’s not worth “looking good”.