Is there a difference between a rolled ankle and a sprained ankle?


Yes and no, you can roll AND sprain your ankle all at once. Typically an ankle that has been rolled is sprained by definition. It all hurts. Walk on it normally, don’t limp. When you can no longer walk correctly, sit down. Listen to your body. Walk as if it’s normal though more slowly but, don’t overdo it. Your ankle will tell you when to sit down, listen. If you can’t stand on it, you won’t be able to walk. Either you or somebody sympathetic to your plight should rub the calf muscles, front and back.

Then if you can walk five steps, great. If you can walk ten, excellent but when your ankle tells you to sit down, DO IT. Don't get caught away from a chair or someplace to sit. If you limp you are creating an alternate pathway for your screwed up ankle/foot, which will make it sprain easier next time. Walk correctly or don’t walk at all. Yes, it will hurt, it already hurts, just know the difference between good hurt and bad hurt.