Bulging Discs


How many mm is a bulging disc?

This is one of my favorite questions. Every med school out there teaches something a bit different. Every doctor or master of his craft fixing bulged discs has an idea of what bulges. My personal favorite is “Is my Mercedes paid off?” Or, “I’d like a new boat this year.” Or My beautiful wife needs more diamonds!” These are the best. 

There are other reasons, but to get rid of pain??? Not really. Your back simply needs more space, not less. Scar tissue creates less space, it’s like super glue. Designed to suddenly “oh my god I’m falling apart!!! “. “Send glue!” You cannot undo a cut. The bulging disc is a result, not the problem. So what is the problem? It’s probably a series of things you did before, leading up to the pain. You had pain or you wouldn’t have gotten a diagnosis. I’m sure you had a good diagnosis but you are simply going at it wrong. Find a Pilates, yoga or Rossiter practitioner and use them. Avoid surgery with all you heart.