Who Are The Rossiter Masters™ ?

Rossiter Masters-is comprised of Rossiter System Founder, Richard Rossiter, and ONLY his best students. All students have reached the pinnacle of Richard’s work-PainSlayer®-or are mentoring to become PainSlayers.

Rossiter Masters is bodywork consisting of 2 person pin-and-stretch techniques. Your Rossiter Master strategically places a foot on you, and adds the weight you choose . Then moving as directed, you effectively loosen and elongate tight tissues that cause symptoms. You stretch yourself-from the inside-out in 15 second bursts We address your root problem (tight connective tissues/fascia)-NOT symptoms. You feel instantaneous, often profound results.

men pain-slayer

From head-to-toe, our pain busting, mobility restoring, stress reducing methods also prevent reoccurrences. From elite athletes & weekend warriors, to factory workers, & the elderly-we improve EVERYONE'S performance and quality of life.

Got a tissue issue? We have a fix for YOU!

Since 1990, hundreds of thousands of people know our safe, fast, effective approach can resolve most "tissue issues” in short order. Our methodology was developed in the 1980’s under the watchful eye of neurosurgeon, Dr. Jim J. Moore of Little Rock, Arkansas, combined with the background of Rolfing and life experiences of Richard Rossiter-Certified Advanced Rolfer. Winning. Combo.